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Sadie needs to know what is real or not. She is constantly asking if what she sees or reads is real, like the princesses at Disneyland or Santa Claus, or his flying reindeer, fairies and other such creatures. And I must say that I am a bit leary of building up these ideas in her head only to have her, one day figure out that all those things that seem real as a little kid are just actors or stories or whatever. So I have a hard time with how to go about the whole thing, am I committed to upholding the pretendness of all things magical or otherworldly? I mean I really do enjoy well done fantasy books or movies.
She is very insistent on reminding me what things are just pretend, like when I see a mossy patch in the woods butted up against a fallen tree and I say that it would be the perfect place to watch for fairies. And then there was the whole thing with seeing a leprechan at school on St Patricks Day. He left a trail of dust ( read: green glitter) through her classroom and out the window. They made spy glasses to help spot the sneaky guy, and her friend Audrey swore she spotted one so Sadie, of course went along with the game and believed she had spotted him too. But then the next day, after the magic had worn a bit she started asking if it was real. And she really thought she had seen one, but he was really small and maybe she just saw the back of his green coat as he jumped out the window. It was like she was trying to make herself believe that it had happened because she really believed that Audrey had seen one and the last thing she wanted was to be left out of all the magic.
More lately, I have just been playing along, because if nothing else it is fun. She asked me the other night if Santa's reindeer could really fly. So I went with it, sure they could. Well, can other people have flying reindeer, she asks. Of course not, I say. The flying sort only are found in the North Pole, in Christmas Town.
It went over rather well, much better than when we were strolling through the woods and I pointed out the perfect spot for a fairiy play ground. "Fairies are not real, Mama," with a huff under her breath.
In some ways, it is a bit sad that she is so black and white, but then again I can't say that I have fed the fantasy thing either. In fact, I have busted a few myths along the way, whether it was because I just could not play into it or I was just not in the mood at the time. Kaitlyn from school, went to Disneyworld and saw the real Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White and Megan B from school had breakfast with the real CInderella. These are the stories I hear after school. And I am the last person to promote these twisted princess tales, in fact the whole Disney princess thing has been deflated a bit around here. We still have the movies but I am not buying all that STUFF that is everywhere you turn. It just grosses me out. Anyway, so I told Sadie those were ladies dressed up to look just like the princesses from the stories. So she asks if we will see Cinderella's real castle at Disneyland, when we go there the day after we move to California, well that was Sadie's request anyway. It is hard to deflate all these ideas she has in her head. By the way, this Disneyland thing is her main motivation to move to California, sorry guys. I mean she does want to see you all too. But it has made the whole thing easier, she is very excited about being out there but still has not figured out all the ramifications of us being there as opposed to NJ. Today I told her she was going to go to a different school than originally planned for K. It sort of fly over her head while she comtemplated when exacting she was going to make her way to Disneyland.


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