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Mission Completion

Tuesday morning our goods arrived. And the unpacking began. This you might say would be enough to deal with, but this old house had some surprises up her sleeves. Before we knew it we were looking at the prospect of replacing all the cast iron piping under the house which then turned into replacing all the piping from the street to the house as well.
I report to you now with a fully functional set of pipes beneath the house, a totally demo-ed bathroom ready for remodel sometime this decade, stacks of boxes and paper strewn about, and one 5yr old registered for kindergarten.
This is progress.

The week has been a rough one on all of us I think. Sadie, Emma and I went to the zoo on Thursday for the day while our house was being repiped. We walked around looking here and there at the animals, I think the elephants were Sadie's favorite. We stood and watched them for about twenty minutes. One of the elephants brought a large tree limb out and was smashing it up and peeling the…

Sea World

We went to Sea World the morning after we arrived to have something to do in replacement of driving to Disneyland. I think we might have squashed the hourly question Sadie was asking, " When are we going to DIsneyland?" We bought the fun card so we can go back again as many times as we want thru Dec. I really don't know if I could handle a whole day there anyway.

Here Sadie is enjoying some Cotton Candy she was promised on the way out of the park.

Emma thinks the Cotton Candy was rather sticky so she decided to wash her hands.

Sadie watches the Shamu show and she did not get wet much to her dismay.

Last leg

A stop in New Mexico just after we crossed the border from Colorado.

If these girls are not good, they are getting coal in their stockings!

Stopping in Arizona. We stayed the night with Grandma Joyce and her dog, Honey, in Pinetop. For some reason we were too tired to remember to take pictures but the drive was very beautiful.

We did not stop at a California stop until we got home because Sadie and Emma slept from before Yuma until we got to Mission Valley. We had lunch in Gila Bend at Taco Bell.

Here we are climbing our way out of the desert and heading down into our home stretch. The temperature reached 115 right before we started this climb.

So we made it! We drove through 12 states and drove approximately 3000 miles with all of our stops and I think we would all say the trip was a lot of fun and went very smoothly. Now we just need our stuff to get here and as of today it is in PA.

Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

We woke up in Kansas City yesterday morning and headed down to Starbucks for some breakfast before we hit the road. If you need a great hotel in the middle of KC, check out Hotel Phillip, we loved it. Anyway, we got going and crossed the river into Kansas on our way across the state. Driving, driving, driving. This is what we did. There was not really anything special that we stopped to do on this leg. We stopped for lunch and there happened to be a playground which even in the 95 degree heat looked attractive in the eyes of those under 6 in our party. But unfortunately I was a bit fried from the whole driving/riding thing and so we had to peel Emma off and into the car which induced an long drawn out crying fit until she fell asleep. But then Sadie was sending Daddy mail and packages in the car and they were talking on the phone about it all (this is all pretending) which was a bit on the loud side and woke Emma who wasted no time starting up again about "Go back, Mama. …

Big Day

This morning in Columbus, the fountain courtyard next to the Supreme Court.

At the welcome center in Indiana.

We arrive in Illinois.

Emma entertains herself with markers a second time, yesterday it was yellow.

We stop to see the Arch in St Louis.

We go for authentic KC BBQ at Arthur Bryant's. Yumm.

Today was our longest trek at 675 miles. We started out in Ohio, passed through Indiana, Illinois and ended here in Kansas City, Missouri. We saw a lot of corn, old barns and an incredible number of 18 wheelers. I just realized as I am trying to write this my complete exhaustion. Sadie and Emma are dancing ballet to the music from the New York Ballet on tv. They of course had plenty of rest, sleeping off and on throughout the day.

Here we go...

This morning we went back by the house to check on everything and pick up any thing that was left unintentionally. Then we said goodbye to our house and our tree, heading out to Starbucks for breakfast and a whole bunch of driving. We stopped in Hershey,Pa and went on a mini tour which showed how the chocolate is made. The whole Hershey experience could last a weekend but we had lunch and hit the road for some more of PA. We stopped to get a photo of all the welcome signs from the states we visited today; PA, WV, and OH. I decided early this morning that the state of Pennsylvania resembled a slab of bacon after Nathan mentioned how big was. So then I was looking at the map and thought that West Virginia resembled a stomach and later determined Ohio looked like an old rag, rectangle and little frayed on the edges.

We noticed that in the little time we were in West Virginia that there are deals to be had at Exit 1. Guns, hubcaps, cigarettes and beer were being offered at extraordi…

Pack it up, pack it in, let it begin...

The movers have been buzzing like bees around the house trying to scrunch everything into the truck. Everything is almost packed in and we are waiting for another truck to come and get the remainder, thanks to the mis-judgement of the estimator. But anyway, those are just little details in the scheme of it all. The basement is left to do with all of its bits and pieces.
I guess it feels good to be done, finally. Maybe tomorrow when we hit the road and New Jersey is in the rear view mirror I will actually realize the finality of everything.

For our first leg, we are trekking across PA to Ohio, Columbus to be exact. And we will be heading down a highway we have not used before so the new scenery should be good. We were thinking of stopping in Hershey if it is on the way but I am not too sure yet if it is. Sadie says she wants to go to a choclate factory and of course we have not gone to the most famous in this country yet, even though we are mighty close where we are now. Mayb…

Emma says:

"The ice cream store again? WOW!" So off we go.

Sadie says:

"Honey, we have to check the baby for octopuses." "Like ticks?" I ask. "Yes." she replies.

Sadie says:

"Emma sometimes little kids have little problems," in response to Emma whining about something or other.

Early this morning I thanked Al Gore for inventing the internet

I awoke to thunder and lightning, flashing and banging outside the house. I tried to close my eyes and go back to sleep but the lightning was so bright I could see it through my eyelids with the blinds closed. I was a bit worried, it sounded mighty fierce out there. I got up to go sleep in Sadie's bed since she was now sleeping in my bed, and when I peeked out her window at the storm, my worry moved up a few notches. The trees were blowing all around and the lightning was flashing right above us. So I moved downstairs to watch it out the front window. As l watched, the wind howled, banging into the windows with a heavy hand. I was thinking this was a bit more than our ordinary thunderstorm, as the lights blinked a bit here and there and a strange whoosing sound was heard up in the kitchen. The window was open just a crack and once I shut it all the way the sound went away. I decided to look up what exactly was happening on the internet and I was greeted with a red banner…