Big Day

This morning in Columbus, the fountain courtyard next to the Supreme Court.

At the welcome center in Indiana.

We arrive in Illinois.

Emma entertains herself with markers a second time, yesterday it was yellow.

We stop to see the Arch in St Louis.

We go for authentic KC BBQ at Arthur Bryant's. Yumm.

Today was our longest trek at 675 miles. We started out in Ohio, passed through Indiana, Illinois and ended here in Kansas City, Missouri. We saw a lot of corn, old barns and an incredible number of 18 wheelers. I just realized as I am trying to write this my complete exhaustion. Sadie and Emma are dancing ballet to the music from the New York Ballet on tv. They of course had plenty of rest, sleeping off and on throughout the day.


Anonymous said…
What a great way to document your travels! With the other photos and commentary, it shold make a coffe table book!

Overall everyone looks like they're doing well(except for the daily exhaustion).Sadie did look like one of the Fighting Illini in that one photo.
Thanks for sharing- Papa.
Alisha said…
Keep on truckin'! :o)
I like the markers on Emma. Hey, whatever keeps 'em happy, eh? I'll bet none of you will want to get back in the car for days after you arrive in San Diego!!!
Anonymous said…
Blue stripes look great on Emma!

Delicious barBque makes a 600+ mile drive seem very worthwhile!!!

Love you all!!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow!! Sounds like a great adventure so far. The pay off will be 70* weather year round with occasional fog. Love you all....C you soon!!!

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