Early this morning I thanked Al Gore for inventing the internet

I awoke to thunder and lightning, flashing and banging outside the house. I tried to close my eyes and go back to sleep but the lightning was so bright I could see it through my eyelids with the blinds closed. I was a bit worried, it sounded mighty fierce out there. I got up to go sleep in Sadie's bed since she was now sleeping in my bed, and when I peeked out her window at the storm, my worry moved up a few notches. The trees were blowing all around and the lightning was flashing right above us. So I moved downstairs to watch it out the front window. As l watched, the wind howled, banging into the windows with a heavy hand. I was thinking this was a bit more than our ordinary thunderstorm, as the lights blinked a bit here and there and a strange whoosing sound was heard up in the kitchen. The window was open just a crack and once I shut it all the way the sound went away. I decided to look up what exactly was happening on the internet and I was greeted with a red banner announcing a tornado watch, a severe thunderstorm warning and a extreme heat advisory later today. Remember I just mentioned TORNADO watch! The path of that cell was not coming through our area but was within 6 miles of where the Kilgores live, just a bit around the corner from us. I moved to a different weather page and watched the radar as the center of the cell skimmed right by us and passed on to the east. By this time the tornado watch had ended (in reality it was only a matter of ten minutes) and my thoughts of waking everyone and moving into the basement with the mattresses was quelled.


Anonymous said…
WHEW!!!!!!!!- Papa
Anonymous said…
You probably don't want to hear how perfect the weather has been here this summer -- although I may be eating my words next week as a heat wave is to arrive. They're predicting 80 degrees in Point Loma! -- Debi
Unknown said…
I used to get so excited when there was a tornado watch! I suppose it had something to do with the charge in the air and the total upheaval of everything safe - kinda like a thrill ride I suppose. It was fun all the way until the watch became WARNING and my dad sent us all to the basement.

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