Last leg

A stop in New Mexico just after we crossed the border from Colorado.

If these girls are not good, they are getting coal in their stockings!

Stopping in Arizona. We stayed the night with Grandma Joyce and her dog, Honey, in Pinetop. For some reason we were too tired to remember to take pictures but the drive was very beautiful.

We did not stop at a California stop until we got home because Sadie and Emma slept from before Yuma until we got to Mission Valley. We had lunch in Gila Bend at Taco Bell.

Here we are climbing our way out of the desert and heading down into our home stretch. The temperature reached 115 right before we started this climb.

So we made it! We drove through 12 states and drove approximately 3000 miles with all of our stops and I think we would all say the trip was a lot of fun and went very smoothly. Now we just need our stuff to get here and as of today it is in PA.


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