Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore

We woke up in Kansas City yesterday morning and headed down to Starbucks for some breakfast before we hit the road. If you need a great hotel in the middle of KC, check out Hotel Phillip, we loved it. Anyway, we got going and crossed the river into Kansas on our way across the state. Driving, driving, driving. This is what we did. There was not really anything special that we stopped to do on this leg. We stopped for lunch and there happened to be a playground which even in the 95 degree heat looked attractive in the eyes of those under 6 in our party. But unfortunately I was a bit fried from the whole driving/riding thing and so we had to peel Emma off and into the car which induced an long drawn out crying fit until she fell asleep. But then Sadie was sending Daddy mail and packages in the car and they were talking on the phone about it all (this is all pretending) which was a bit on the loud side and woke Emma who wasted no time starting up again about "Go back, Mama. I want playground." I was driving and even with the break during the short nap time I was not going to be able to stand anymore of this and at the first sign of a rest stop we pulled off. We were now in Colorado. Emma squatted on the lawn and cried for another fifteen minutes while we stretched our legs and marveled at the howling wind. Finally Emma began to calm and she thought the answer to all her woes was a cold bottle of water from the vending machine. (I guess we are training them well if cold water seems like a treat!)
Emma came up with a new thing on this trip. She would make the same request she was tired and ready for a nap. "Mama, I want your face back here." It took us a while to realize what she was wanting, and then we laughed.

After field after field of corn, sunflowers, aphalfa and some other similar crop we ended our journey here in Elizabeth for a bit of a respite before we head off to meet our new house.

We have arrived!

From today, Sadie goes riding.


Anonymous said…
Hey, Wrangler Harold, it can't be Kansas- that doesn't look at all lke TOTO! Stan
Unknown said…
Go Jayhawks!

Hey wait a minute...
Why does it look like Emma is checking Papa's hair for octopuses?

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