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Observations from Emma: Saturday Edition

"Elephants no run fast because elephants not have shoes."

Diapers Optional

I am post here knowing that there is a tremendous chance that the mentioning of the fact that Emma has been out of diapers most of the time could inevitably change all of this but here it is anyway. Emma has been opting for underwear over diapers and doing a good job of it all. Tonight we were invited to a BBQ next door, which was really nice and she made it through without any problems. We met a couple other famlies from the area with kids in the same age groups. Sadie and Emma had a fun time too after a bit of bully by the other kids who know each other very well.

Buggy bugga

Nathan woke up this morning with fever and upset stomach, so the little bug that Sadie brought home with her has run its course with us all. Emma has croup now because that fever turn into a cold for Sadie which she fought through without too much help but poor Emmy-poo woke up Wednesday morning barking like a seal and the fever that had gone seemed to be showing itself again. It is pretty mild just stuffy and that yucky cough, well and all the other crankiness that come with any kid being sick.
Tuesday Sadie made it back to school though and she seems to be having fun. That is what is going on around here. I really need to make a master list of all the projects that we/I would like to get done around here so I am not wandering around with here without a plan.
I really want to get my studio put together so I can do stuff...

Things that make me happy

From today after the doctor visit, Emma paints quietly and Sadie tinkers with a box of thingamajigs secretly in her room. Emma soon falls asleep in a cozy spot.

Later, Sadie and Nathan strike up a very productive game of birdie. Many new records are set with the best being 16 hits, a great day for the birdie game. " Two rackets from a rummage sale: $1 One birdie: complementary A great round of the birdie game: Priceless" (Nathan)
But keep your pants on, the greatness is not over yet. Behold fancy dessert night. A scoop of vanilla ice cream with pink and yellow sprinkles, topped by a scoop of chocolate ice cream with pink and yellow sprinkles all crowned with a glowing candle! Well, Emma had everything except no spreen-tles. Sadie was giggling with glee and gushing giddily at the presentation and blurted out, " I love the candles!" I think we have more fancy dessert nights in store. Last night Sadie was explaining her greatest dessert to me, which included a browni…

Can't waste prefectly good frosting!

As of last night the fever has crept into Emma and I think it I have a touch of it as well. Tonight she is burning up but she still made me crack up again tonight with the shoo fly thing. This time there was a fly in Sadie and Emma's room and it keep landing on the post of Emma's bed. Emma would yell, "Shoo!" and flip her hand at the fly. It would buzz up, fly in a loop and land again on the post. Emma yells shoo again and Sadie and I laugh and laugh. I am not too sure really why it strikes me so funny. Maybe the conviction with which she addresses Mr or Mrs Fly, I think she truely believes he is listening to her.

Things that make me happy

Every time I give Emma something to eat and she really likes it:
"OOO, yum thank you Mommy, I yike dis."

Sadie has been home from school all week with a fever, nothing much else. She was real sick the first night it kicked in but she has been doing well with some Motrin here and there ever since. But it has been also like a vacation and I have enjoyed spending the time with her reading books, coloring, watching movies and keeping her company. In fact it was not until today that I really lost patience with the whole thing (which is saying a lot for me). I think she is on the mend and may just make school tomorrow if the pesky fever is gone in the morning.

Me: Shoo that fly off the flower.
E: Shoo.
E: Not shooing. Fry not shooing.
a minute later
Me: The fly's gone.
E: Wheres is im?

It might not be good that I laugh at her bad grammar but she is only two, so for now I will take it all in and enjoy what she comes up with to express her self.

some everyday

Here is Emma wearing her thrift store find glamourously as we were leaving. Then
the other day Sadie dressed her up as a good witch and they went around saving the day.

On Sunday we went out for a picnic dinner at Liberty Station which was also host to the local school's fifth grade picnic and a popular church service which made for many people coming and going. After we had our dinner in a quieter corner, we went over to the playground where Sadie and Emma were offered popsicles by one of the PTA dads handing them out to the hundreds of children.

Emma wanted me to take a picture of her driving the boat as well as one up close. She is wearing the newly super popular fairy dress.

Weeks in pictures

Emma and I made chocolate cupcakes for Sadie's first day of school. Sadie and Emma had one after school and then another for dessert to celebrate the day.

We have been starting a new routine these last couple weeks of visiting the farmer's market in OB and having dinner at Ranchos. It could be the best Mexican food ever. Sadie and Emma like the chips and guacamole.

Last week Sadie and Emma had their faces painted when we went to the market.

Off to school

This morning was Sadie's first day at school, real school. And when I heard the bell ring, my stomach dropped. We rushed down the stairs to join her class as they headed toward the classroom. Sadie joined the line and learned where they were going to put their lunch bags and backpacks each day and that they were going to WALK into the classroom and sit on the carpet while us parents signed up for pick up and snacks. So we did all that and the kids said their pledge of alligience and sang a flag song while the teacher played the piano. Then the parents were asked to leave and I waved bye to Sadie and she waved back.

I walked back to the car holding back tears and letting some fall. I can't believe she is gone everyday now for twelve more years. It seems so sad even though I know this is what she needs to do. Homeschooling flutters through my head and even just writing about saying good bye makes the tears rise up.

Sadie, I know you are going to be an amazing student a…