Buggy bugga

Nathan woke up this morning with fever and upset stomach, so the little bug that Sadie brought home with her has run its course with us all. Emma has croup now because that fever turn into a cold for Sadie which she fought through without too much help but poor Emmy-poo woke up Wednesday morning barking like a seal and the fever that had gone seemed to be showing itself again. It is pretty mild just stuffy and that yucky cough, well and all the other crankiness that come with any kid being sick.
Tuesday Sadie made it back to school though and she seems to be having fun. That is what is going on around here. I really need to make a master list of all the projects that we/I would like to get done around here so I am not wandering around with here without a plan.
I really want to get my studio put together so I can do stuff...


Anonymous said…
Boy we wish you could play the Birdie game across the country to NJ.
We miss you guys.
GSCPS is not the same without you.
1000hats said…
Ahoy Wests!
We miss you all too! I wish we could meet everyday after school again. This kindergarten stuff is a bit serious! Sadie still talks about going back to NJ to go sledding with Audrey in winter.
Anonymous said…
Had fun, last night, watching Sadie & Emma- even for short night.
They're great to be around. Nana & Papa.

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