Mission Completion

Tuesday morning our goods arrived. And the unpacking began. This you might say would be enough to deal with, but this old house had some surprises up her sleeves. Before we knew it we were looking at the prospect of replacing all the cast iron piping under the house which then turned into replacing all the piping from the street to the house as well.
I report to you now with a fully functional set of pipes beneath the house, a totally demo-ed bathroom ready for remodel sometime this decade, stacks of boxes and paper strewn about, and one 5yr old registered for kindergarten.
This is progress.

The week has been a rough one on all of us I think. Sadie, Emma and I went to the zoo on Thursday for the day while our house was being repiped. We walked around looking here and there at the animals, I think the elephants were Sadie's favorite. We stood and watched them for about twenty minutes. One of the elephants brought a large tree limb out and was smashing it up and peeling the bark off so she could eat the bark. Really quite amazing to say the least. We also rode the Skyfari, one of the favorites at the zoo, and the Merry-go-round. Sadie learned about the brass ring and was very disappointed that she could not try to catch one just yet. Anyway, each and every day has been a trying one in so many ways. I long for a routine, as I think Sadie and Emma do as well. Emma has reverted to her super clingy self which can really make me crazy when there are ten million things to get done, all of them being much easier without a toddler attached to my hip.

This week coming is the start of the school year and I admit I have not even been thinking of it because it makes my stomach turn. Nathan took Sadie to orientation this morning and I turned in the pile of paperwork that needed to be filed on her behalf. Nathan overheard a mother telling the teacher that her son could recognise the letters of the alphabet - even when they were out of order, meanwhile when I get home from the grocery store Sadie is reading to Emma. How does this work?

In other news, we made pizza for dinner and it was good. We planted some flowers Sadie and Emma helped pick out and they are pretty. Simpilcity.


Anonymous said…
I remember your first day of school. I drove away feeling as though the whole universe had shifted...it did, and it will.

I love you!!!

Anonymous said…
The school year should bring the routine you all yearn for.
Finally getting settled in your home will also bring some calm.

Love you and Nate, along with your talented girls, Dad.
Alisha said…
OK, even with the bad pipes...doesn't it feel so good to be HOME in San Diego?!?!?
Anonymous said…
Next time you go to the zoo, let me know! We just got passes and I need things to do to keep me busy!

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