Off to school

This morning was Sadie's first day at school, real school. And when I heard the bell ring, my stomach dropped. We rushed down the stairs to join her class as they headed toward the classroom. Sadie joined the line and learned where they were going to put their lunch bags and backpacks each day and that they were going to WALK into the classroom and sit on the carpet while us parents signed up for pick up and snacks. So we did all that and the kids said their pledge of alligience and sang a flag song while the teacher played the piano. Then the parents were asked to leave and I waved bye to Sadie and she waved back.

I walked back to the car holding back tears and letting some fall. I can't believe she is gone everyday now for twelve more years. It seems so sad even though I know this is what she needs to do. Homeschooling flutters through my head and even just writing about saying good bye makes the tears rise up.

Sadie, I know you are going to be an amazing student and school will offer so many new discoveries for you each and everyday. I love you and I am so proud of you. What can I say, you are an amazing little girl two steps into an fascinating journey, and I can't wait to see where it takes you!


Anonymous said…
Sadie, Sadie, Kindergarten Lady!!

Congratulations to You and Momma on your first day at School!

I feel confident you will be the best you can be in cshool and after. Papa
Anonymous said…
Wow! I almost shed a tear too...Tried to convince a little girl today that kindergarten is the most fun because you get to play most of the day and she only smiled when I drew a smily face with chocolate on her hot cocoa whipped cream. It's the little things I guess.
Anonymous said…
That was Auntie Orange in case you didn't know... Have a great week!!!!
Alisha said…
I'm such a cry baby!!! Geez. And I still have a year to go. I'm going to shed more than a couple of tears when I drop Jared off!! I'll be so happy to have a few hours to myself with Davin in preschool, but it's so sad, too!!!
Anonymous said…
Lots of fun, last nght. Hot dog dinner, football, princess game, and books read- doen't get better than that! Papa nad Nana.

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