Things that make me happy

Every time I give Emma something to eat and she really likes it:
"OOO, yum thank you Mommy, I yike dis."

Sadie has been home from school all week with a fever, nothing much else. She was real sick the first night it kicked in but she has been doing well with some Motrin here and there ever since. But it has been also like a vacation and I have enjoyed spending the time with her reading books, coloring, watching movies and keeping her company. In fact it was not until today that I really lost patience with the whole thing (which is saying a lot for me). I think she is on the mend and may just make school tomorrow if the pesky fever is gone in the morning.

Me: Shoo that fly off the flower.
E: Shoo.
E: Not shooing. Fry not shooing.
a minute later
Me: The fly's gone.
E: Wheres is im?

It might not be good that I laugh at her bad grammar but she is only two, so for now I will take it all in and enjoy what she comes up with to express her self.


Anonymous said…
you are only 2 miles away, but I think I miss you more now than when you lived 3000 miles away!!
Can't wait until I am done with this project to be able to spend some time with you all!!!!


PS how about next Saturday?

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