Things that make me happy

From today after the doctor visit, Emma paints quietly and Sadie tinkers with a box of thingamajigs secretly in her room. Emma soon falls asleep in a cozy spot.

Later, Sadie and Nathan strike up a very productive game of birdie. Many new records are set with the best being 16 hits, a great day for the birdie game.
" Two rackets from a rummage sale: $1
One birdie: complementary
A great round of the birdie game: Priceless" (Nathan)

But keep your pants on, the greatness is not over yet. Behold fancy dessert night.
A scoop of vanilla ice cream with pink and yellow sprinkles, topped by a scoop of chocolate ice cream with pink and yellow sprinkles all crowned with a glowing candle! Well, Emma had everything except no spreen-tles. Sadie was giggling with glee and gushing giddily at the presentation and blurted out, " I love the candles!"
I think we have more fancy dessert nights in store. Last night Sadie was explaining her greatest dessert to me, which included a brownie that has choclate puddling inside topped with chocolate ice cream topped with chocolate sauce topped with whipped cream topped with chocolate sprinkles. Sounds down right fancy to me.


Anonymous said…
Does Sadie know youcan get chocolate whipped cream???
1000hats said…
I think she knows when to draw the line with too much chocolate!

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