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Harvest moon

Last night the moon was out large and orange. We watched it from the back yard while Sadie and Emma put on a Halloween performance. Honey has been going into crazy kitten mode every night for the last couple nights thanks to the moon. We visited the beach a couple times this week and the tides have been extreme as well. Grammy and I went sea glass hunting in the tides pools below the pier while Nathan took the girls to the park before dinner on Friday night.

Earlier in the week we went to the Natural History Museum to get out of the house and avoid the smokey air outside. Emma liked this elephant skull and asked for a picture with it. It all seems quite amazing that all of these strange, huge things lived where we do. I am glad that lizards like these no longer walk around. Kitty Kat. Honey has made this place her home and when there are not two little girls chasing her around and trying to make her give them hugs or pushing her down the hall trapped under a stool she seems to really…

San Diego Snow

We are burning up here in San Diego county again, literally. There are huge fires burning to the north of us and we are thankfully not in harms way but many are losing their homes today. When Sadie and I headed out to the car to go to school this morning there was a thin dusting of ash all over the car and the air smelled of smoke.

Gears a turnin

Again tonight Emma asked why we not have baf. I think it is funny how this continues to enter her head and perplex her. She also has asked if our other house was broken and that is why we moved, on several occasions.

i haf a idea

"um... we get some white wood and some soap and den we have baf". Nathan suggests some nails and glue to put it all together and Emma says, "Ya!"

Emma's solution to our missing bath tub. My suggestion was a horse trough, not too well received.

Tonight at dinner Emma practiced using "I" rather than me. She said," I will, I won't, I am, I do, I will..."

stuffy nose songs

the cheese goes chi-chi-chi, chi-chi-chi,chi-chi-chi
the cheese goes chi-chi-chi all through the town

courtesy of emma

(her own creative rearrangement of the children's favorite, "The Wheels on the Bus go round and round..."

The past week

Open house night at school. Sadie and Emma played on the little playground while we waited for the teachers to arrive. Then we headed over to the auditorium to listen to a little singing from the K classes.

Sadie looks rather nervous in this but she did great and announced one of the songs the class sang, Three Little Kittens.

Stretching from California to Colorado.

Sadie's desk, ever so appropriate the book on the top of her stack.
Emma stretches to turn on the faucet. She still has some growing to do before kindergarten fits her! Today at the doctor, Emma measured 39 inches and 29 pounds. Her height was off the charts.

Just when I thought I got a great shot she decides to pick her nose! But I snapped another and got a good one. The light was great last Friday afternoon for photography. We were at the park for a bit of getting sandy and swinging.

Here is Emma swinging like me trying to get her hair to touch the ground.

The cutest thing, the kitty getting stories read to her. Emma was li…
We have been puttering around over here. Last week I went up to LA for Grammy's portfolio showing and met all her friends and profs. We hung out at Jenny and Will's for a bit before hand. Thursday night was open house at school so we went over to that. Sadie's class and the other kindergarten class sang songs for all of the parents.

Gaggle of Gals

We have a new female around of the feline variety. Nathan picked her out yesterday morning and we all went over to meet her in the afternoon. We all liked her and she seems to like being around all of us, which is saying a lot when a two yr old and five yr old are involved.

Observations from Sadie: Tuesday Edition

"When I play with Nana, I get hurt like a million times."

Emma sings

I love you,
I love you too,
but me not want hug yoooouuuuu!

I have made a new habit of going to the grocery after dropping Sadie off at school which means I can be done with all of it and home before 9am. Very nice. But when you go to the store at the same time you tend to have the same cashiers and the only draw back to my new found routine is the same two cashiers are there everytime. One woman talks about everything under the sun as loud as possible with anyone that walks up (really, anything) and the other always asks, " So did you do anything fun over the weekend? or Do you have a busy week/day ahead of you? " And she is not willing to leave it at that and asks what it is that you have planned or spent your weekend doing. Honestly, I don't find much of my life especially exciting or interesting to talk about to a total stranger. (Maybe I should just give her a link to this site.) This woman is young and single and going to the park playground or doing 20 loads o…

You have received a major award

Sadie was recognised at school today. She was one of two students from her class to be recognised. Funny since she has missed half of the school year so far. Her award states, "Sadie is a great thinker. She participates in all the classroom discussions. She also works well with others. Great Job, Sadie!" Above Sadie is waiting with her classmate, Wendy, while the rest of the award winners line up. Tonight Sadie was reading the bumper sticker we were given to proclaim to the world that she has in fact received a major award, and typical to her "hurry and go" style of reading, she said,"My child is an award winner at cable electric school." Yes, we all laughed.

And then there is Emma...
I insisted on taking a picture of her out in the garden

And she insisted on me taking a picture of many of her silly faces. In the center shot, she really wanted to have those leaves on either side of her face even though I really did not want them there. I also tried to pull …

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