Emma sings

I love you,
I love you too,
but me not want hug yoooouuuuu!

I have made a new habit of going to the grocery after dropping Sadie off at school which means I can be done with all of it and home before 9am. Very nice. But when you go to the store at the same time you tend to have the same cashiers and the only draw back to my new found routine is the same two cashiers are there everytime. One woman talks about everything under the sun as loud as possible with anyone that walks up (really, anything) and the other always asks, " So did you do anything fun over the weekend? or Do you have a busy week/day ahead of you? " And she is not willing to leave it at that and asks what it is that you have planned or spent your weekend doing. Honestly, I don't find much of my life especially exciting or interesting to talk about to a total stranger. (Maybe I should just give her a link to this site.) This woman is young and single and going to the park playground or doing 20 loads of laundry probably is not her idea of interesting conversation. To trump all of that, it is 8 am and I just struggled to get a five year old ready and out the door in time for school to start, and the last thing I feel like doing is conversing with the cashier at the grocery store.


Anonymous said…
I've heard that song from Emma.

We-l-l-l, be honest! Tell either one of them exactly what happened. Maybe, at least they'll change the question(s) they ask, making it more interesting for you?
Alisha said…
I agree. Talk about the amazingly big poop your kid made. I'll bet she won't ask again! :o) It's funny that some people just can't pick up on social cues!

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