Harvest moon

Last night the moon was out large and orange. We watched it from the back yard while Sadie and Emma put on a Halloween performance. Honey has been going into crazy kitten mode every night for the last couple nights thanks to the moon. We visited the beach a couple times this week and the tides have been extreme as well. Grammy and I went sea glass hunting in the tides pools below the pier while Nathan took the girls to the park before dinner on Friday night.

Earlier in the week we went to the Natural History Museum to get out of the house and avoid the smokey air outside. Emma liked this elephant skull and asked for a picture with it.

It all seems quite amazing that all of these strange, huge things lived where we do. I am glad that lizards like these no longer walk around.

Kitty Kat. Honey has made this place her home and when there are not two little girls chasing her around and trying to make her give them hugs or pushing her down the hall trapped under a stool she seems to really like hanging around us.


Anonymous said…
FULL Moon, Haunted House on the Hill, Leapin' Lizards, and sabre-toothed cats, good thing elephants a grounded!!! Happy Halloween!! Hope to see Cinderella and Tinkerbell on Wednesday. Papa.
Anonymous said…
I saw that amazing moon come up it looked like Hollywood had made it. It was huge and orange from the fire. Sadie is zooming around that museum. Can't wait to hang out again. Orange

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