The past week

Open house night at school. Sadie and Emma played on the little playground while we waited for the teachers to arrive. Then we headed over to the auditorium to listen to a little singing from the K classes.

Sadie looks rather nervous in this but she did great and announced one of the songs the class sang, Three Little Kittens.

Stretching from California to Colorado.

Sadie's desk, ever so appropriate the book on the top of her stack.

Emma stretches to turn on the faucet. She still has some growing to do before kindergarten fits her! Today at the doctor, Emma measured 39 inches and 29 pounds. Her height was off the charts.

Just when I thought I got a great shot she decides to pick her nose! But I snapped another and got a good one. The light was great last Friday afternoon for photography. We were at the park for a bit of getting sandy and swinging.

Here is Emma swinging like me trying to get her hair to touch the ground.

The cutest thing, the kitty getting stories read to her. Emma was listening in as well. Honey is living up to her name, as much as we tried to think of something else, Sadie wanted to stick with it and she is nothing if not sweet.

The girls watch a show together.
Honey finds a favorite place.


Anonymous said…
If it was up to me they would all be named Honey...Honey Sadie, Honey Emma and Honey Cat...

Yes, she is a sweet kitty and I loved playing with her last Saturday and then playing with Sadie and Emma on Sunday. What a great weekend!!!

(For Emma, "Mary")

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