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Sadie and Emma prepare for their trip to Africa for the cat show. Emma is the cat, Elizabeth and she is holding up the antlers they will use to cheer with as directed by Sadie. They do not plan to stay long. They are just going to the show and then will get on a plane and head home.

Upon returning from the show, Sadie filled me in on the details of the event. Elizabeth won the golden medal, not the bronze or the blackened metal but the golden metal. She has won at least twenty times already. But of course there were some bully cats there that tried to trick her but since she is such an accomplished cat she did not fall for their tricks and thus earned the golden metal.

In other news from this morning, above is pictured Nathan's high maintenance coffee sleeve in which every box is used. But he reminds me that if he had ordered extra hot which he sometimes does there would have been the need for yet another box. All of this accomplishment in one morning. Just think what could ha…
Sadie asks for a piece of Nathan's bear claw and then says,"but I don't want the toes, I don't like them."

The Big Event

Christmas Event

We had a wonderful holiday. Christmas Eve dinner we hosted at our house with coffee glazed brisket and potatoes Au gratin. For dessert, Grammy made gingerbread with lemon sauce, yum.
We opened presents and played a bit then the little girls were off to bed and the completion of all things Santa was under way. I baked the desserts for the Christmas dinner at Martha and Jacks and then there was all the wrapping and setting under the tree. Oh and then there was a couple hours of sleeping before we were up for stockings and cinnamon rolls. We had another round of presents from Santa and relaxing for a couple hours before it was time to get together at Martha's for Christmas dinner.
Martha and Jack put on a wonderful meal of roast turkey and pork loin. There was plenty of wonderful food and I think we all left full and happy after presents and dessert. It was so great to be here on Christmas again after our few years away. Thank you everyone for a wonderful Christmas.

Holiday Concert

See video evidence below of the Kindergarten portion of the Holiday concert at Cabrillo Elementary. Guess which classmate has a Marine drill Sergeant for a father? (Four clips total. Mouse over the video box to select clips, or just let them all play through.)

All the Whos down in Whoville liked Christmas a lot

A glimpse of the show last night. The singing was great and spirits were up.

Today was the classroom party. There were a million sweet treats. We brought chocolate crinkle cookies and tangerines. Miss Barrett received one of the glittery stars we made last week. Sadie has had the hardest time parting with them. Every time I give one away she goes into this bit about she really, really wanted to keep the one I picked to give away. But I think Miss Barrett loved it. She seemed thankful to receive it.
Anyway, the day was charged with sugar and sweets. I was baking all morning until the party at 1:30pm and Emma was whining her way into to one cookie or candy after another. She had yogurt with oatmeal and eggs and toast for breakfast. I think that was the only real food she ate. But you all know how the little thing can eat and looking back at it, the morning started out ok but it felt like all she had was junk. Anywho, there were cookies and jello, pudding treats and cupcakes, cr…

Advent Activities

Tuesday afternoon we went over to Nikki and Neela's for cookie decorating. Neela and Emma cut them out while Sadie paraded around the house finding new toys to entertain herself. My actual memory of the time is of Sadie's voice singing and her little self sporadically appearing in the corner of my eye while I rolled dough and arranged cookies on the sheet. A totally appropriate memory, she is either still and concentrating on perfection or twirling around in some song and dance.
Once the cookies were cool, all the girls, including and neighbor girl decorated the bunch with sprinkles and colored frosting, pink, blue and purple. After about ten minutes I felt as if I was inside a book entitled, " Barbie Bakes for the Holidays" and any moment Ken or Skipper were going to pull up in my pink Camero and walk into my pink and purple plastic house. I guess I need some red and green for future cookie days in the month of December.

Yesterday, I took the girls out to see Sant…

90 is the new 75

Great Grandpa turned 90 last Sunday so we did a little celebrating. Our picture of the whole family was not so good so here is one of all the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids (well, except Jenny and Larissa, boo-hoo. We miss you guys, Will too.) We toasted sparkly stuff and sang happy birthday and chowed down on some European Cake Gallery black forest cake.

Sadie and Emma played some sort of jump rope game with crazy Aunt Sonja and wacky Cousin Katie.

Sadie and Emma finally played with their cousin Jacob for the first time and he was a gentleman in sharing his fruit snacks with them. Sadie was continually reminding him that there were a couple more in the bag to hand out until they were all gone.

one dollar

Cinnamon and sugar make Emma giggle. We picked up a cinnamon roll at IKEA, and half the frosting ended up in her tummy and the other half on her face.
One morning at the zoo. We went out with Emma to pet the goats and see the elephants.

Two girls, one shirt



Emma loves to carry Honey around this way, swinging her up and down, from one shoulder to the other.

Ress Up

Emma in Hula get up.

More parade day favorites

Coming home from Legoland as the storm was clearing out and the sun was going down. There was a dreamy blue sky and yellow sugar coated clouds floating on the breezeI loved how these horses pranced along, amid vintage VW's and mini race cars. Sadie takes a seat in a race car on our way down to the parade.

Sadie's Christmas list

(All of these items are in the Restoration Hardware gift catalog, in case any of the elves need some ideas.)

Emma at dinner

Nathan: "Emma why are you not eating your dinner?"
Emma: "Me not not now, 'cause me am." Chomp!

Let's spread this out a bit next time!

[authored by Nathan]

One thing I love about Sadie is that she laughs when a kid is supposed to laugh. And she laughs hard with her mouth wide open, and her eyes get real big. You'd think this was just a normal thing for five-year-olds, not a care in the world, but that's not so true. (Note a Jersey friend at Sadie's No. 5 birthday, furrowing, frowning, lowering her voice and telling another kid that was receiving a temporary, kid-style tattoo, "You know if you get too many tattoos you'll have to go and join the circus.") But when something seems goofy and/or silly and/or contrived to adults, Sadie "gets it" like a kid should. She doesn't edit her glee. I love that.

Today was a big day..First drug store for some cold medicine for me, then to Fly's house for a coupon to the adidas outlet store, then to the adidas outlet store for some running shoes for the recently road warrioring parentals, then to Legoland California (which should really be ca…