90 is the new 75

Great Grandpa turned 90 last Sunday so we did a little celebrating. Our picture of the whole family was not so good so here is one of all the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids (well, except Jenny and Larissa, boo-hoo. We miss you guys, Will too.) We toasted sparkly stuff and sang happy birthday and chowed down on some European Cake Gallery black forest cake.

Sadie and Emma played some sort of jump rope game with crazy Aunt Sonja and wacky Cousin Katie.

Sadie and Emma finally played with their cousin Jacob for the first time and he was a gentleman in sharing his fruit snacks with them. Sadie was continually reminding him that there were a couple more in the bag to hand out until they were all gone.


teddlipka said…
As we say in my circle, "Oorah" Wink!

The girls look adorable.
Anonymous said…
Wink served in a Marine construction battalion in WWII- Pacific. Stan.

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