Advent Activities

Tuesday afternoon we went over to Nikki and Neela's for cookie decorating. Neela and Emma cut them out while Sadie paraded around the house finding new toys to entertain herself. My actual memory of the time is of Sadie's voice singing and her little self sporadically appearing in the corner of my eye while I rolled dough and arranged cookies on the sheet. A totally appropriate memory, she is either still and concentrating on perfection or twirling around in some song and dance.
Once the cookies were cool, all the girls, including and neighbor girl decorated the bunch with sprinkles and colored frosting, pink, blue and purple. After about ten minutes I felt as if I was inside a book entitled, " Barbie Bakes for the Holidays" and any moment Ken or Skipper were going to pull up in my pink Camero and walk into my pink and purple plastic house. I guess I need some red and green for future cookie days in the month of December.

Yesterday, I took the girls out to see Santa. Sadie really did not want to go and tell him what she wanted because, as she said, it was pretty scary the ordeal. But I was able to talk her into it. Emma had asked earlier in the day and I told her to wait until after school so Sadie could come too. Sadie agreed to go, but she did not want to have to tell him what she wanted for Christmas. But sure enough Santa popped the question. Sadie went red and a look of horror flashed across her face. In desperation she replied, "I sent you my list!?" with the intonation: " Don't you already know?" Of course Santa asked her to remind him and I coached her through it a bit. It was exactly like Ralphie as he sat on Santa's lap frozen and unable to think. Emma thought she wanted a blue Santa hat for Christmas. This was her answer when I asked her while we were waiting in line, and she stuck with it until she heard Sadie mention a tonette horn. "I want horn,' she repeated.

Tonight was the Holiday program at school. Grammy and Papa and Nana were in attendance for an hour of song. Sadie had one small solo, which she informed me she did not want to do because she was too scared yesterday. But I assured her she would do a great job. I think it helped that she was standing next to Naveah, a girl from her class, who just happens to have a Marine drill Sergeant for a father. She belted out her solo and Sadie followed in loud clear voice. She did great and I think she was proud and excited to have everyone there.

So there are only four more days before the big day and so much to do still. But my list is growing shorter and the additions have slowed greatly. Tomorrow Sadie has her class party and then we are going to walk down Garrison street to look at all the lights with Nicole and Neela. Good news is, Nathan mentioned this morning that he is finally getting the Christmas spirit This is why I no longer wait until he is ready to decorate the tree, I have two little ones who are always in the spirit.


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