The Big Event

Christmas Event

We had a wonderful holiday. Christmas Eve dinner we hosted at our house with coffee glazed brisket and potatoes Au gratin. For dessert, Grammy made gingerbread with lemon sauce, yum.
We opened presents and played a bit then the little girls were off to bed and the completion of all things Santa was under way. I baked the desserts for the Christmas dinner at Martha and Jacks and then there was all the wrapping and setting under the tree. Oh and then there was a couple hours of sleeping before we were up for stockings and cinnamon rolls. We had another round of presents from Santa and relaxing for a couple hours before it was time to get together at Martha's for Christmas dinner.
Martha and Jack put on a wonderful meal of roast turkey and pork loin. There was plenty of wonderful food and I think we all left full and happy after presents and dessert. It was so great to be here on Christmas again after our few years away. Thank you everyone for a wonderful Christmas.


Anonymous said…
Another great Christmas Eve meal by Sara, etal.Papa.

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