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Stormy weather

Bird on wire.

Waiting to be planted.

A green garden after a week of rain. Best part, our water bill dropped to $67.

From over the back fence. I love the sun shining on the highrises in the back ground.

Heinz 57

Both of the girls have been running a muck with the camera lately. Every time I download from the camera there are many to delete. But there are always a couple that are really great. This above was taken by Sadie.

I have not posted this of the new kitchen chalk wall. Sadie and Emma do really like it but there is always a fight about four minutes into them drawing because Emma starts erasing Sadie's drawings. The erase part seems to be as entertaining for Emma as the drawing part.

Little Miss Emma is out watching Rachel Ray right now at 10:15pm. She had a nap this afternoon and I think it was a bit more than was necessary seeing that now she is unwilling to go to sleep.

Chocolate lava for one

As requested by Sadie, we had chocolate lava cake, but this time I made it individual serving size and Daddy ran for ice cream. YUM!

first second tooth


The new year

Our newest (my most favorite) installation piece. I found this a couple weeks ago but finally after the whirr of the holidays was able to think, " I want to take a picture of that," and then make it to the wherever the camera was at the moment, retrieve it and take the picture. Yes, I know this seems to be a very basic operation but with all that has been going on outside my head combined with all that was floating around inside my head, the execution of this seemingly simple task continually was sabotaged but some other firing neuron which led me astray.

The first painting project for the house. This was the very beginning of a leaf pattern I made for the wall near the entry. I used a clay based, no VOC paint and I love the way it turned out. The paint is flat and velvety, I will definitely keep it as an option for our other rooms. We also have a new chalkboard wall in the kitchen between the pantry and fridge for the girls to play. It had to cure for three days so I hav…

Proud Parental Moment

Waitress to Sadie: "With your macaroni and cheese, would you like french fries, mixed fruit, or apple slices?"
Sadie: "Mixed fruit."

Waitress to Emma: "With your macaroni and cheese, would you like french fries, mixed fruit, or apple slices?"
Emma: "Apple slices."