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Shutter bugs

Sadie and Emma love to take pictures with the camera and I have started to accumulate quite a collection. Emma has really just started in the last couple months while Sadie has been at it for a couple years. Most recently there was a series they each participated in, capturing one an other's coffee mustaches. Sadie actually told Emma to wait a minute while she got a nice mustache for the photo.
This one is by Daddy of them both wearing my newly thrifted jacket. They both thought it was fabulous.

Sandy Tuesday

Ok, so here is Tuesday for you. Emma has really been in a almost 3yr funk as of late. I mean really a funk! So after I finally got her get dressed, yes this is her choice and I live with all the crazy combos our girls come up with because it is just easier, we went for a walk down to the "bay" so she could play in the sand. We were going to go to the beach but Sadie had really wanted to go, so we waited until she was out of school. This little gem of a spot is just over the hill to the south, on the bay side of us. Emma has really been into walking everywhere, although most of her time is spent in one stroller or another. On Monday we went to the zoo to see the goats again and it took a long time to talk her into the fact that the zoo is just too far to walk so of course Tuesday she wants to walk to the beach. So here we are after coming down the steep hill which turned my post-flu legs to jello. I had to rest and this looked like a great spot to Emma so here we landed.


Decision '08




A bit on the late side...

We are so glad you are back.


Yesterday was sprinkly here. Not really raining but consistantly wet for most of the day. I loved how the tiny drops were collecting on everything.

Emma played dress up with all of my shoes. Sadie joined in for a bit too. Love these socks.


Sadie came down with the flu last Friday afternoon, by midnight I was getting a headache. By Saturday night, I had a fever and so did Emma. A couple days later as I was finally able to think and not shiver Nathan started to get all the same symptoms. Crazy flu, this batch that we caught. We are all still sick but very slowly getting back to normal. This flu stuff lasts for days! After a couple days of high fever, Sadie went out side for a little convelesing in the sun and air. I had just asked her what she was doing before I ran in and got the camera. She said, "digging". I guess a few scoops was enough and in the shot above she is heading back indoors.

These are blueberry muffins from MSL, I guess they were featured in her baking book as well. Sweet and cakey. Good, but not my favorite. I prefer a bit more bready-ness over cakey-ness in a muffin.


One lemon meringue pie and some soft pretzels I put together a bit over a week ago now. The pie was shared around since I am the only consumer of this type of pie at home. It was lovely but to eat the whole thing would have been a bit much, right? The recipe was from MSL online, individual lemon meringue pies.
The pretzels, well they were a bit more of a challenge, but the process was fun. Like any typical bread dough, yeast is involved as well as rising and punching down and rising again. Then we boiled them for 30 seconds a side and baked them in the oven. My biggest mistake was not using parchment when I baked them. Even with all the oil on the pan they still stuck hopelessly. Emma and I enjoyed a few bites before our experiment was dumped. The recipe was from Kids Baking-Williams-Sonoma.

We Heart Miss Barrett

Miss Barrett, Sadie's kindergarten teacher, occupies greater than 80 percent of the spots on the list of Top Ten Reasons to Attend Cabrillo Elementary. She is very enthusiastic and serious about her duties. She loves music and is in charge of all of the musical portions of the school programs. If you are in her K-1 class, however, every day you get music. Tthe last part of the class time is spent singing and learning songs. It's great to hear when we parents are waiting in the courtyard for the bell to ring. On Valentine's day her class had a program with no less than 17 songs!! After the singing there was much mini-foods to be had...pigs in blankets, mini-sandwiches, mini-cookies, mini-cupcakes, etc. The students all passed out their Valentine greetings, and Miss Barrett read aloud every Valentine card she received. It was festive as usual. Nobody does holidays like a kindergarten class.

[2 videos below]


This about the closest thing to winter we have in these parts. Yesterday was windy and rainy and on the cold side, 50 in our neck of the woods. A great day for sitting around with warm socks and yarn in my lap but that did not happen since it was Valentine's day and I was baking and fixing sandwiches most of the morning for Sadie's class party. The kids put on a great program with lots of Valentine songs and a couple for the presidents. I guess baking on a cold day is equally as satisfying.
Anyway as the storm was blowing out last night it got a bit cold for the beach and this morning the roof was frosty white, I noticed after the previously reported trip to and from school.

My conclusion, after a short stint in Jersey where winter actually exsists, is here we go from fall to spring and skip winter entirely. I miss the snow storms and everything to go with them but I don't miss the cold. In fact the other day I was telling Nathan that I was dreaming of summer already…


Sadie and I just returned from our trip to school. We found out the hard way, if you will, that today was a holiday. The first sign was no cars parked in front of school at a time where everyone is rushing about to make it in before the bell. Then the neighbor lady who I usually see on her way back from dropping her kids off came out to tell us that there was no school today. Lesson for the day: read the flyer rather than assume you know the holiday plan, before tossing it in the recycling.
So here we are back at home with a long weekend ahead of us.

Dad's afternoon

Emma and I picked up Sadie from school on Friday to give Sara some alone 'sanity time' and get the girls out in the great San Diego sunshine for a bit. When we were the last ones on the school playground (as usual, we shut the place down), I suggested the beach. I'm sort of a wimp about the beach (sand is not good for an iPhone, the wet pant legs, the unidentifiable odors; I'm really a city slicker, y'all), so my intention was the Pier. But Sadie would have none of it. So we ran around on the beach during very low tide, and it was fun. The water was 57-degrees, so I had to explain to Sadie why we were not going to get our bathing suits. The girls dug some holes, climbed some sand hills and rocks, buried shells and marked the spot with an 'X', and various other frolicking. After beach, we went to the local OB ice cream store. Emma: rainbow sherbet with chocolate sprinkles; Sadie: cotton candy with chocolate sprinkles; Daddy: mocha almond fudge, sans …

pet the doats

Emma and I went to the zoo today. I love the zoo. If I could live there, I just might. Who cares if there are wild animals around every corner. I would be happy pitching a tent in fern canyon or laying in a hammock in a tall stand of bamboo. In fact the animals are really great to see but the thing that makes me most happy, refreshed, amazed are the forests they have created.
Today was beautiful in or out of the zoo. But the most lovely thing about it all was it was Wednesday, during school and though there were several elementary groups trooping around, overall it was quite empty. We arrived a bit after eleven and headed toward the goats, one of Emma's favorite stops.
There was still quite a bit of morning hay around so Emma went to work getting little piles for each and every goat or sheep. Two goats, one big and one small, were busy ramming heads working off some "spring energy" the keeper explained to some concerned older women. They were worried they woul…

Ground Hog Day

This weekend was Ground Hog Day (see Sadie reading to see if Phil saw his shadow) which also means it is Papa's birthday. So Saturday night we had Nana and Papa over for dinner and cake. Of course, Papa requested banana cake and Sadie had a great idea to surprise him and put strawberries on top.

After dinner the girls decided some singing and dancing was in order so we put on Sadie's Veggie Tales cd and away they went on the stage of the living room floor. We were instructed to clap at the end of each song. Emma stopped to pose for a few pictures in mid-step. She is also becoming quite the performer.
Sunday was SuperBowl XLII and we were invited to a party at the Woodmanses home. We headed out there through rain and wind. Big people watched the game and little people played.