Dad's afternoon

Emma and I picked up Sadie from school on Friday to give Sara some alone 'sanity time' and get the girls out in the great San Diego sunshine for a bit. When we were the last ones on the school playground (as usual, we shut the place down), I suggested the beach. I'm sort of a wimp about the beach (sand is not good for an iPhone, the wet pant legs, the unidentifiable odors; I'm really a city slicker, y'all), so my intention was the Pier. But Sadie would have none of it. So we ran around on the beach during very low tide, and it was fun. The water was 57-degrees, so I had to explain to Sadie why we were not going to get our bathing suits. The girls dug some holes, climbed some sand hills and rocks, buried shells and marked the spot with an 'X', and various other frolicking. After beach, we went to the local OB ice cream store. Emma: rainbow sherbet with chocolate sprinkles; Sadie: cotton candy with chocolate sprinkles; Daddy: mocha almond fudge, sans sprinkles. After finishing her cone Sadie asked if she could have another. (?!?!?!) "I don't think so, Miss." Always negotiating, she says, "Well, I could save it for later." Hmmmm, let me think...yep, my answer is still No. After the long school week and running around on the beach, even the ice cream could not keep them awake on the short drive home. A great few hours for me and my girls.


Anonymous said…
Awsome photos and story, Pops.- Papa

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