Sadie came down with the flu last Friday afternoon, by midnight I was getting a headache. By Saturday night, I had a fever and so did Emma. A couple days later as I was finally able to think and not shiver Nathan started to get all the same symptoms. Crazy flu, this batch that we caught. We are all still sick but very slowly getting back to normal. This flu stuff lasts for days! After a couple days of high fever, Sadie went out side for a little convelesing in the sun and air. I had just asked her what she was doing before I ran in and got the camera. She said, "digging". I guess a few scoops was enough and in the shot above she is heading back indoors.

These are blueberry muffins from MSL, I guess they were featured in her baking book as well. Sweet and cakey. Good, but not my favorite. I prefer a bit more bready-ness over cakey-ness in a muffin.


Anonymous said…
Got any of those cakey muffins left?? YUM, Papa.

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