This about the closest thing to winter we have in these parts. Yesterday was windy and rainy and on the cold side, 50 in our neck of the woods. A great day for sitting around with warm socks and yarn in my lap but that did not happen since it was Valentine's day and I was baking and fixing sandwiches most of the morning for Sadie's class party. The kids put on a great program with lots of Valentine songs and a couple for the presidents. I guess baking on a cold day is equally as satisfying.
Anyway as the storm was blowing out last night it got a bit cold for the beach and this morning the roof was frosty white, I noticed after the previously reported trip to and from school.

My conclusion, after a short stint in Jersey where winter actually exsists, is here we go from fall to spring and skip winter entirely. I miss the snow storms and everything to go with them but I don't miss the cold. In fact the other day I was telling Nathan that I was dreaming of summer already. The long days, the warm nights, and lots of dresses and flip flops. Isn't it always summer in Southern California?


Anonymous said…
It was a good thing we bought a windshield ice scraper, when we were in Yosemite in January. We needed it this morning. It was real frosty on both of our cars, this morning. Had to keep the blankets pulled up to my chin last night. It was 50 in the house this morning. When I got to work, it was 41 by the Weather Channel website. Snow down to 2,000', last night. Unheard of in Paradise(San Diego). Papa

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