Ground Hog Day

This weekend was Ground Hog Day (see Sadie reading to see if Phil saw his shadow) which also means it is Papa's birthday. So Saturday night we had Nana and Papa over for dinner and cake. Of course, Papa requested banana cake and Sadie had a great idea to surprise him and put strawberries on top.

After dinner the girls decided some singing and dancing was in order so we put on Sadie's Veggie Tales cd and away they went on the stage of the living room floor. We were instructed to clap at the end of each song. Emma stopped to pose for a few pictures in mid-step. She is also becoming quite the performer.
Sunday was SuperBowl XLII and we were invited to a party at the Woodmanses home. We headed out there through rain and wind. Big people watched the game and little people played.


Anonymous said…
The Sadie-Emma Dance Troupe Performance was the highlight of the party!! Sadie also started, what may become a tradition, the hidden birthday card search! -Papa

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