One lemon meringue pie and some soft pretzels I put together a bit over a week ago now. The pie was shared around since I am the only consumer of this type of pie at home. It was lovely but to eat the whole thing would have been a bit much, right? The recipe was from MSL online, individual lemon meringue pies.
The pretzels, well they were a bit more of a challenge, but the process was fun. Like any typical bread dough, yeast is involved as well as rising and punching down and rising again. Then we boiled them for 30 seconds a side and baked them in the oven. My biggest mistake was not using parchment when I baked them. Even with all the oil on the pan they still stuck hopelessly. Emma and I enjoyed a few bites before our experiment was dumped. The recipe was from Kids Baking-Williams-Sonoma.


Anonymous said…
Nana and Papa finished the lemon meringue pies- REAL GOOD!

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