pet the doats

Emma and I went to the zoo today. I love the zoo. If I could live there, I just might. Who cares if there are wild animals around every corner. I would be happy pitching a tent in fern canyon or laying in a hammock in a tall stand of bamboo. In fact the animals are really great to see but the thing that makes me most happy, refreshed, amazed are the forests they have created.
Today was beautiful in or out of the zoo. But the most lovely thing about it all was it was Wednesday, during school and though there were several elementary groups trooping around, overall it was quite empty. We arrived a bit after eleven and headed toward the goats, one of Emma's favorite stops.
There was still quite a bit of morning hay around so Emma went to work getting little piles for each and every goat or sheep. Two goats, one big and one small, were busy ramming heads working off some "spring energy" the keeper explained to some concerned older women. They were worried they would hurt themselves. I am sure Harold would agree a goat is hard-headed in more ways than one.
Once Emma feed her last goat she was ready to go wash hands. We sat for bit and had a snack. We spied the mouses in the house, we glanced at the snakes, we headed down to monkey town or rather monkey forest or some such to watch them snooze in the sun and hop from rope to rope. We went down the elevator and into the jungle following the path to the hippos. The tapers were sleeping in the mud so we whispered to avoid them waking. We tipped toed down deeper into the jungle wondering what might come next. The turtle tank was rather refreshing, with long necks, snappers and a little crock. Soon we came to the tigers den but he was out, sleeping in the sun at the top of the hill. Then we found the hippo pond and were graced with 3000 pounds of tiptoe underwater ballet. We rounded the bend and came out the canopy where some otters and monkeys entertained each other and headed back to the top for popcorn on our way out of the zoo.


Anonymous said…
Going to the Zoo with you and Sonja was one of my favorite "Mom" things to do.

Early morning and a little rain made the trip even more fun because all the animals were out and about!

Alisha said…
Deep breath in...exhale. I love the San Diego Zoo.

I am envious that you can go whenever you want. Wish we could.

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