Shutter bugs

Sadie and Emma love to take pictures with the camera and I have started to accumulate quite a collection. Emma has really just started in the last couple months while Sadie has been at it for a couple years. Most recently there was a series they each participated in, capturing one an other's coffee mustaches. Sadie actually told Emma to wait a minute while she got a nice mustache for the photo.

This one is by Daddy of them both wearing my newly thrifted jacket. They both thought it was fabulous.


Anonymous said…
...and it looks like Sadie has finally lost her loose tooth!!
Anonymous said…
And what did the tooth fairy bring Sadie? I can't wait until I'm feeling better so we can visit with y'all again. Debi/Nana

P.S. Did you see the weather in New Jersey? You wouldn't be doing any beach walking back there!

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