We Heart Miss Barrett

Miss Barrett, Sadie's kindergarten teacher, occupies greater than 80 percent of the spots on the list of Top Ten Reasons to Attend Cabrillo Elementary. She is very enthusiastic and serious about her duties. She loves music and is in charge of all of the musical portions of the school programs. If you are in her K-1 class, however, every day you get music. Tthe last part of the class time is spent singing and learning songs. It's great to hear when we parents are waiting in the courtyard for the bell to ring. On Valentine's day her class had a program with no less than 17 songs!! After the singing there was much mini-foods to be had...pigs in blankets, mini-sandwiches, mini-cookies, mini-cupcakes, etc. The students all passed out their Valentine greetings, and Miss Barrett read aloud every Valentine card she received. It was festive as usual. Nobody does holidays like a kindergarten class.

[2 videos below]


Anonymous said…
Miss Barrett's class is probably going to graduate from kindergarten an d go right to the school of performing arts. Papa

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