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number 9

Today is the ninth anniversary of us "going wedding" as Sadie likes to say. Nine years of living together and helping one another. But in this ninth year I think we have taken on the biggest challenge so far. Maybe these previous years are just what we need to accomplish what we are facing today. Like raising children, you have time to learn as you go.
Together we have done and created so much, of which most would not be the same without the both of us.
I love you.

Easter dresses

Sadie and Emma are wearing their Easter dresses, hand sewn by Mama. They each got a new pair of white "clickety" shoes to go with them and the deal was they had to wait to wear them until Easter day so they stayed nice and white. And then they could wear them where ever and when ever they saw fit. Sadie threw a monster fit over this deal while we were still in the store but in the end saw that it was ok. Emma has been wearing those shoes a lot since Easter, she even wore them to wash the car today!
Sadie's dress was a current Simplicity pattern while Emma's was one from the 50's, complete with pinafore which got left off because the Mr was dressing them that morning while I was wrestling a ham and other assorted tasks. I will get one up of her wearing the pinafore because it is just soo cute.

I loved this one because it is so Emma. She has these looks she does for photos and they are cute and funny at the same time.Once all the grandfolks arrived, they were t…

Shore days

We have been making the beach a destination this week and we went for the afternoon up to La Jolla Shores. A great flat beach for kids to play, with shallow waters and lazy waves. During this time of the year the sting rays aren't around which makes it even better. I caught the first shot quite by accident, but I love the sparkles. Sadie and Emma dug a big hole and added water to make a pool. Sadie dug a hole the depth of her arm of which she was quite proud.

From the polaroid.

Just beachy

We had an early dinner and went down to the beach for some sand and ice cream. Sadie loves the "huge hill" they build to keep the winter waves out of the streets. She and Emma climbed up and down and all around while I wandered and tried to catch some good shots of them and all the rest.
I have a new, old camera. It is a polariod I found a thrift shop but I am having a hard time with it, catching the light just right. It has an automatic flash with drives me crazy so my best bet for something interesting is midday light, bright and shiney.

After dinner conversation...

The food must have entered her blood stream and it must have been brain food because this is the question Sadie comes up with:
"How did all the planets get up there in space?"

Uh...where do I go with this one.

Spring Break

Sunrise after the time change.

Dancing at the Irish music time at the library last Tuesday with Neela and Nicole.

Two cuties of Emma. I notice that I have so few of Sadie these days. With the start of school, most of our time together is spent on the playground or doing homework and making dinner. No longer do I have all the opportunities to catch her smile or messy hands. And every time she hears of something Emma and I did while she was in school, she starts to cry and say that is why she does not like school.

Sadie gives Great Grandpa a hand stamp, everyone got to pick which one they really wanted and she would stamp it on.

Two Sundays ago we celebrated Nathan's birthday a bit late but there was cake and ice cream so what more could you want.

We are on break here for the week. Last night, St Patrick's Day cupcakes were what dessert was all about, following linguine with meatballs. We all moaned and groaned with delight as w…

Watching Shows with Emma

I love Osbald.
I love him because he has octopuses legs.
I like Daisy too. Her is funny.
(Snowy scenes) Oh, I yub this!

I yuv Honey, can we keep her? (Emma gives a Big hug to Honey)
Ha, Honey yike me. Her always be silly.

Cycle Circle

A recent pre-dinner cycling session, to work up an appetite, I suppose...

The Girl with Hollow Legs

My breakfast partner from this morning. This was her second.
To quote Emma from the last photo, " Yook, my toast have eyes."

Emma and her Honey

A little bit of some thing I love, love, love about Emma. Sometimes Emma just needs a hug or a snuggle and for what ever reason, she is upset with me or she is sleepy, Honey is her perfect recipient.

Happy Birthday to Grammy

Sunday was our night of celebration for Grammy's birthday, a little late thanks to the flu that traveled from one to the next of us.
Thanks to Grammy for a wonderful new cake to add to my bag of tricks, Maple Bundt cake from Martha Stewart. YUM.