Easter dresses

Sadie and Emma are wearing their Easter dresses, hand sewn by Mama. They each got a new pair of white "clickety" shoes to go with them and the deal was they had to wait to wear them until Easter day so they stayed nice and white. And then they could wear them where ever and when ever they saw fit. Sadie threw a monster fit over this deal while we were still in the store but in the end saw that it was ok. Emma has been wearing those shoes a lot since Easter, she even wore them to wash the car today!

Sadie's dress was a current Simplicity pattern while Emma's was one from the 50's, complete with pinafore which got left off because the Mr was dressing them that morning while I was wrestling a ham and other assorted tasks. I will get one up of her wearing the pinafore because it is just soo cute.

I loved this one because it is so Emma. She has these looks she does for photos and they are cute and funny at the same time.

Once all the grandfolks arrived, they were told to go on a egg hunt. Once they found all the eggs, it was their job to hide them out back for Sadie and Emma. It was a lovely day, one warm enough for no sleeves and flip-flops. Sadie was a bit under the weather with a stomach bug but she was super excited all the same. Emma enjoyed the day as well.


Alisha said…
What beautiful, beautiful dresses! And adorable girls, too!!! Great job on the dresses, Sara!
Anonymous said…
Pretty girls in ta pretty garden. Papa

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