Spring Break

Sunrise after the time change.

Dancing at the Irish music time at the library last Tuesday with Neela and Nicole.

Two cuties of Emma. I notice that I have so few of Sadie these days. With the start of school, most of our time together is spent on the playground or doing homework and making dinner. No longer do I have all the opportunities to catch her smile or messy hands. And every time she hears of something Emma and I did while she was in school, she starts to cry and say that is why she does not like school.

Sadie gives Great Grandpa a hand stamp, everyone got to pick which one they really wanted and she would stamp it on.

Two Sundays ago we celebrated Nathan's birthday a bit late but there was cake and ice cream so what more could you want.

We are on break here for the week. Last night, St Patrick's Day cupcakes were what dessert was all about, following linguine with meatballs. We all moaned and groaned with delight as we nibbled.


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