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Emma's joke from this morning...

" Why did the cheeseburger go in the nose?"

"Because he was feeling nosey."

Emma is three!

Wow, Emma, you are already three! Daddy made a movie for you this year and although those baby days seem long ago, at the same time it could have been yesterday. You are growing and learning every day, some days I think you have grown during your nap if you are so inclined to take one that day. Thank you for being such a sweet girl, saying thank you for every meal I stick in front of you, and challenging me in new ways. I love you.


"Goodnight! Don't let the butterflies bite." --Emma

"Do people in China have to sip their cereal?" Why do you ask, I ask.
"Because they don't have any spoons."-- Sadie
Friday Emma and I drove over the hill a bit and went for a walk around a new neighborhood. My motivation was to get some new images for a painting series I am working on. Emma's motivation was to find some more snails. We did not find snails since the day was very sunny and warm but we did find this little pocket of wildflowers begging for a picture.

Saturday was basketball and a birthday party for us. The day was very hot and the girls were melting at the gym waiting for the game to end so we could get over to the party. Here they are with cousins, Jacob and Larissa, waiting for cake to come.

On Sunday we met up with Sonja, Courtney and Crystal for some zoo time. Grammy joined us as well. We wandered around trying to stay out of the sun and in the cool of the shade. After all our walking about, Sadie and Emma had their faces painted.

More Friends


New found friends

Sadie and Emma have developed a fondness for snails lately. It is ever so exciting when another one crosses their path or they turn something over and there is a little brown turned shell. For whatever reason, we don't have many at our house, probably has something to do with the dozen or so bags of pesticide, fertilizer or other toxic substance which was left in the garage by the previous owner. I tend to send them flying over the fence or ignore them rather than throw poison at them.
Actually as kids, we had ducks that would eat them as well as a cat who thought they were a treat. When it rained, we had been known to collect them in a big bucket and dump them in the street to watch the cars run them over. Yes, this was a bit cruel but they at least had a chance to get away to other neighborhood gardens and there were not too many cars that came down the street back then.


Some photos...

The boating at Sport Chalet

OB Farmers Market a couple weeks ago

Resting up
Emma: "Daddy, I found a dandlion but all the dandles fell off!"


Emma: " Last night, we went with Daddy to a store with everything for Dad's (read: Sports Chalet) and we went up stairs and saw some boats...."

hats, sand and sun