Friday Emma and I drove over the hill a bit and went for a walk around a new neighborhood. My motivation was to get some new images for a painting series I am working on. Emma's motivation was to find some more snails. We did not find snails since the day was very sunny and warm but we did find this little pocket of wildflowers begging for a picture.

Saturday was basketball and a birthday party for us. The day was very hot and the girls were melting at the gym waiting for the game to end so we could get over to the party. Here they are with cousins, Jacob and Larissa, waiting for cake to come.

On Sunday we met up with Sonja, Courtney and Crystal for some zoo time. Grammy joined us as well. We wandered around trying to stay out of the sun and in the cool of the shade. After all our walking about, Sadie and Emma had their faces painted.


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