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Late Morning Beach

It seems that summer is beginning around here. (Although, according to Sadie, it has not started yet, right? RIGHT?!) The tourists are already arriving and making a crowd where ever we go. We made it the beach today before the lifeguards. It was a beautiful morning, warm enough to make the wind coming off the water tolerable and the cold water worth splashing in. Currently, the favorite activities are to catch sand crabs, splash in the waves and huddle under warm towels to warm back up again. At our last visit, I showed the girls sand crabs. The crabs were all very tiny but for the rest of our stay Sadie was busy catching and releasing dozens. Today we found the mama crabs with their orange eggs tucked safely under their legs and best of all, they are BIG.

Sadie searched for more while Emma and I played in the waves. Later I asked if they wanted to go out a bit deeper. Emma did not but Sadie was up for it. Emma waited up on the sand while Sadie and I waded out to knee dee…

Mini photo journalists


Pirates, arrgh.

This here me hardies, is a pirate. Harden and true with tattoos to show for it. This began with paints and paper and soon progressed into tattoos which lead to pirates and lots of hooting and hollering about walkin de plank and such. The next brilliant idea was to paint their faces red like all pirates do, which is where the show came to a screechinghalt, thank you very little.

Today we went to the zoo.


From the archives...

Yesterday Sadie was walking around the house repeating, "dirty socks" with an English accent.
Where does this come from?!



May showers

Emma says, " You know what is amazing?"
" What, Emma?"
"Nana and Papa have a water bed."


After telling Sadie and Emma that they can have popcorn and orange soda while they watch a movie with Neela, Sadie exclaims, "POPCORN... SODA... A MOVIE! ALL TOGETHER!"
It was a great reaction, but I waiver between feeling happy that my girls get excited about that and wondering if I hold the reigns a bit too tight. But it is all about the simple things in life, right?


Showered in date nights...
Last weekend the girls went over to Neela's for a slumber party. They had a bunch of fun. Nathan and I had a bunch of fun too. We did not have fancy plans but the freedom of the whole thing was wonderful. Not having two little girls in their beds at home was odd. Waking up late, and having most of the afternoon for absolutely nothing was also wonderful.

This weekend, Nana and Papa came over to w…
Emma is stirring her vitamin drink, " When will it be done?"
Me:" In a few stirs."
Emma." One, two, three, four, few. There its done!"
Everyday Sadie writes the date on her white board like this: Wednesday, May 21, 2008, with a line underneath it all below which Emma is allowed to write and erase as she pleases.

Here is one of the stars I borned (or so Sadie says)

Yet another solo from my big star. She really loves doing these and was disappointed to find out she missed the chance to do another in the end of the year program last week when she was sick. But she still gets to introduce songs, so she is happy about that. During this Mother's Day celebration each child stepped forward and gave a reason why their "mudder", as one girl said, was special. Sadie said, "My mother is special because she makes me clothes." Ahh, very sweet.

In other news, tonight we had the rest of Sadie's special cake. I cut all the pieces and set them on the plates and while I was adding ice cream, Sadie decided she needed to choose her piece. She really did not want the one with cracked chocolate frosting, she wanted the one that looked perfect as if it would taste the best.
This vein of pursuit for perfection that runs so strongly through her can be challenging but also she gains from it as well. Most of the time it can make me a bit overwh…

Point of View

Sadie was home from school today with a bit of a fever left over from the weekend. So in order to get some "learning" in we did some projects and stuff. Emma got a bit bored with the project we were making. She found the camera and began documenting the event.

Our Spanish dancers clothespin dolls as Sadie so appropriately captured. When I look at it I see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Little eyes, big vision.

Late night

Emma was having a hard time falling asleep. I had been hearing some rustling and banging coming from her room before the clunk, clunk of her little boots coming slowly down the hall. She stopped in the doorway when she saw me. She was quite proud of the outfit she put together.

OB love

One of my favorite things about moving back here is reliving my childhood memories with my own children. We were walking down to dinner and the early evening light was so familiar, the way the shadows threw themselves across everything while every tip of grass glowed golden. This night I was able to get out my camera but there have been many of these little moments and I can't wait to see all the rest.

Let us begin with breakfast in bed

I was ordered to stay in bed as long as I wanted or at least until breakfast arrived. And promptly at 9am, I was awoken with three voices exclaiming Happy Mother's Day! I rolled over and saw cards and trays coming my way, so up I sat and began to enjoy what had been laid before me. Granola, orange juice and coffee. Yum. Sadie and Emma each handed me their card they made for me. Sadie carefully wrote out that I was the most wonderful mother in the world. Emma made copious H's, P's and E's in an effort to tell me Happy, Happy Mother's day from Emma. Very sweet and all made possible by tray carrier, Daddy.
We invited Grammy over for lunch and cake. And if I do say so myself everything was quite good. And the cake, WOW! Yumm.
On the favorites list for sure.

Emma and cake. To me she looks like she is in a commercial for some anti-frizz serum.

Mother's Day Program

Today was the day. Sadie's class put on a short song program for all of us mothers. Emma and I arrived and were instructed by Sadie to sit in the front row where no one else was sitting. After a few more minutes the show began. Sadie had two solos of which she was quite proud. Video to follow.

These girls of ours

As only Sadie is capable, she listed out her activities for the day on the girls' new white board. 'Nough said.

I loved the color combo Emma presented me with here. She was lying on the kitchen floor doing something while I washed the dishes. I love the way kids dress themselves.

Bird-sized moths, moth-sized birds

Since moths are not effected by human viruses, Sadie found this one and paraded it around the house one day while she was home from school last week. She placed it on her arm, sat down on Emma's bike and announced that she was going to take the moth around for a ride because it wanted to go for a ride.

These days

I realize we have been away for awhile. Between viruses and activities, I have not seemed to have been unable to capture any moments to share. I left my camera in the car yesterday when we went to the park and a little stroll. And I really missed it, there was quite a few views I would have loved to capture. So I am promising to try to update a little more often with news and views from our everyday.