Emma says, " You know what is amazing?"
" What, Emma?"
"Nana and Papa have a water bed."


After telling Sadie and Emma that they can have popcorn and orange soda while they watch a movie with Neela, Sadie exclaims, "POPCORN... SODA... A MOVIE! ALL TOGETHER!"
It was a great reaction, but I waiver between feeling happy that my girls get excited about that and wondering if I hold the reigns a bit too tight. But it is all about the simple things in life, right?


Showered in date nights...
Last weekend the girls went over to Neela's for a slumber party. They had a bunch of fun. Nathan and I had a bunch of fun too. We did not have fancy plans but the freedom of the whole thing was wonderful. Not having two little girls in their beds at home was odd. Waking up late, and having most of the afternoon for absolutely nothing was also wonderful.

This weekend, Nana and Papa came over to watch the girls on Saturday night while we went out to Nathan's b-ball game and then to dinner followed by coffee. Lovely.


Sonja said…
HA!! Sounds like a great treat like we used to get...Back in the day...pepsi and popcorn!!! Yum!! The girls will be all the better for it!!
Anonymous said…
I love the new picture as the header!
Anonymous said…
Popcorn, soda, movie, yogurt push-ups, dessert pizza, bullet popsicles, 50/50 bars? Treats come in all shapes and sizes. Papa.

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