Here is one of the stars I borned (or so Sadie says)

Yet another solo from my big star. She really loves doing these and was disappointed to find out she missed the chance to do another in the end of the year program last week when she was sick. But she still gets to introduce songs, so she is happy about that. During this Mother's Day celebration each child stepped forward and gave a reason why their "mudder", as one girl said, was special. Sadie said, "My mother is special because she makes me clothes." Ahh, very sweet.

In other news, tonight we had the rest of Sadie's special cake. I cut all the pieces and set them on the plates and while I was adding ice cream, Sadie decided she needed to choose her piece. She really did not want the one with cracked chocolate frosting, she wanted the one that looked perfect as if it would taste the best.
This vein of pursuit for perfection that runs so strongly through her can be challenging but also she gains from it as well. Most of the time it can make me a bit overwhelmed but tonight she made me laugh.


Anonymous said…
Another fine performance, Miss Sadie! Papa

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