Late Morning Beach

It seems that summer is beginning around here. (Although, according to Sadie, it has not started yet, right? RIGHT?!) The tourists are already arriving and making a crowd where ever we go. We made it the beach today before the lifeguards. It was a beautiful morning, warm enough to make the wind coming off the water tolerable and the cold water worth splashing in. Currently, the favorite activities are to catch sand crabs, splash in the waves and huddle under warm towels to warm back up again. At our last visit, I showed the girls sand crabs. The crabs were all very tiny but for the rest of our stay Sadie was busy catching and releasing dozens. Today we found the mama crabs with their orange eggs tucked safely under their legs and best of all, they are BIG.

Sadie searched for more while Emma and I played in the waves. Later I asked if they wanted to go out a bit deeper. Emma did not but Sadie was up for it. Emma waited up on the sand while Sadie and I waded out to knee deep, waist deep for Sadie, and jumped into the incoming waves.

Got to love this cheese puff posture. Eat enough and you curl up just like one.


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