Let us begin with breakfast in bed

I was ordered to stay in bed as long as I wanted or at least until breakfast arrived. And promptly at 9am, I was awoken with three voices exclaiming Happy Mother's Day! I rolled over and saw cards and trays coming my way, so up I sat and began to enjoy what had been laid before me. Granola, orange juice and coffee. Yum. Sadie and Emma each handed me their card they made for me. Sadie carefully wrote out that I was the most wonderful mother in the world. Emma made copious H's, P's and E's in an effort to tell me Happy, Happy Mother's day from Emma. Very sweet and all made possible by tray carrier, Daddy.
We invited Grammy over for lunch and cake. And if I do say so myself everything was quite good. And the cake, WOW! Yumm.
On the favorites list for sure.

Emma and cake. To me she looks like she is in a commercial for some anti-frizz serum.


MELODY said…
so adorable little girls...

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