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Beachin it up

Friday afternoon was spent at the beach. We all were there, which was rather nice. I was able to take each of the girls out past the water's edge. The waves were breaking rather hard at the shore so it was not as far out as they would have preferred. I was able to go out with out anyone as well and ride some waves. So nice.

Engineering 101 Sadie is building her sandcastle. She put each scoop into the bucket with care and tapped it just so to make sure every grain was set in its place. Then the unveiling. One of the top corners failed a bit but she gently tapped it down. Then she smooshed it to the ground.

Munchkins and Cupcakes

Perched on the counter, Sadie is watching the clock so she can shut off the mixer at exactly the right time, I think there was about three minutes of mixing involved. We made cupcakes to celebrate Neela's birthday last Thursday when she was over for the afternoon.
Sadie was very excited about Neela turning four, in fact she may have been more excited than Neela. Neela kept insisting that she was not four yet, she was still three for another day. Guess she has had the time of her life being three!

Sleeping Beauty


the biz biz

We have two glasses, gifts from our NJ peeps. One has a New York map and one has a California map. Each map has pictures of highlights from the state.

Emma: "What is Hollywood?"

Sadie:" They make movies. People are tested out on cameras and they make a lot of movies and if you do a great job, they bring you to Hollywood and you go to a lot of parties and you do shows on stage, I think.

End of Year (Father's Day) Program

All of us dads got the special invite to the end of the year kindergarten program, which was to be one hour long and include: 1) school year memories, 2) patriotic tunes, 3) poetry, and 4) Father's Day songs. Sadie was extremely excited about having a couple of solos. As usual, she made us sit in the front row. I sat on the floor and manned the camera(s), and Emma spent time next to me and time on Sara's lap in a chair a few rows behind. Sadie continues to amaze me every day, and I did not make it through the song with dry eyes. She is one of my heroes, and I am proud to be her Daddy. Sadie and Taylor doing the "motions"
The class spells out F-A-T-H-E-R

Backyard Campout

So Nicole and I are planning an actual "in the woods" camping trip for this summer here in the local mountains, but before we got too deep in the plans I wanted to test the waters, if you will, with a little backyard sleepout. The girls were VERY excited about the whole deal. Monday of this past week was Sadie's last school day so we were being a bit lax about our normal schedule for bedtime and such, so when it came to falling asleep in the tent it took quite a while. Oh well, that is what summer is for. Nathan doubted that Emma would actually sleep in the tent, thinking she would get scared and want to go back in the house, but she prevailed without a tear and we did it.

The sun was HOT in the morning and woke me before any one else, so I threw off the covers and went back to sleep until the munchkins awoke. After a bit of bouncing around on the air mattress we headed into the house for some breakfast to start our day.

here comes summer time

Today was our second official no-school summer day. It was all about being at home and not needing to run about the town. When I tried to get everyone together to go to the farmer's market, only Emma wanted to go. Well, I must say that I had a rule of no rides so that pretty much made Sadie not want to go and Nathan was sleeping through his cold he managed to catch. So we did not go.
There will be more "supermarkets" (Emma's term) to go to the year round. Anyway, today we set out the tent which housed a karate tournament until the kicking got a bit out of hand. It was also the cave for two "bad" people and I was put in "jail", the rocking chair, to knit away my sentence.
Sadie started knitting a new scarf, pink of course and a nice soft cotton since the other acrylic that came with the kit is scratchy as all get out. We also had mango slushies, the newest and greatest treat we consume around here. It is so easy and you can make it out of any fruit.…

What have we been doing?

For the most part, not much. The virus that happily attached itself to Sadie and Emma has finally come to pass, which means that we have not been out at all in hopes of sparing others from its loveliness. Thank goodness for doctors who are willing to talk and or see us even on a Sunday.
This is Sadie's last full week of kindergarten! The year has gone so fast but it seems like forever ago that we were starting this newest school adventure. Monday is the official last day and her class is putting on their last program that day. Her friend from class invited everyone over for a BBQ yesterday afternoon. The girls ran and played and had a bunch of fun.
Looking ahead to summer there seems like already there is a million things to try to fit in and already the summer is feeling short! Yuck. Maybe we will have to take a vacation from all of that and pretend we are in some fabulous local where we go to the beach everyday and have ice cream every afternoon. Yes, that sounds nice and e…

Welcome to June

June can be a bit gloomy here, just as everyone else is warming up and enjoying the sunshine, in rolls a thick marine layer or like today, rain. Well, let me rephrase rain to drizzle. Not the NYC type of drizzle which can actually add up to something after a full day, more like those misters at the theme parks to keep you cool. The ground is wet enough to need shoes but not so wet as to make your socks soggy.
As much as we don't like the gloomy weather, every thing growing loves the break from the sun, a holiday from dryness, and everywhere you see the color shine through the gray of the day.

Today I am capitalizing on cool weather and kids being under the weather with lots of cooking. A huge pot of beans to be frozen for burritos and the like as well as a big pot of chicken soup to help wash out the viruses in us all. It beats turning on the heater to push out the dampness.

A pinafore for everyday of the week

Emma picked this out this whole outfit today. She just loved it, she said it made her feel pretty. In fact, she wanted to wear it to bed and all day tomorrow as well. But I said no. Makes me want to put a few more together, since they seem to be a hit.