Backyard Campout

So Nicole and I are planning an actual "in the woods" camping trip for this summer here in the local mountains, but before we got too deep in the plans I wanted to test the waters, if you will, with a little backyard sleepout. The girls were VERY excited about the whole deal. Monday of this past week was Sadie's last school day so we were being a bit lax about our normal schedule for bedtime and such, so when it came to falling asleep in the tent it took quite a while. Oh well, that is what summer is for. Nathan doubted that Emma would actually sleep in the tent, thinking she would get scared and want to go back in the house, but she prevailed without a tear and we did it.

The sun was HOT in the morning and woke me before any one else, so I threw off the covers and went back to sleep until the munchkins awoke. After a bit of bouncing around on the air mattress we headed into the house for some breakfast to start our day.


Anonymous said…
That's my favorite kind of camping can walk home for breakfast!

I love back yard campouts!

Anonymous said…
....breakfast is my favorite meal, while camping. Being home after a camp night makes for a special breakfast!!Papa

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