End of Year (Father's Day) Program

All of us dads got the special invite to the end of the year kindergarten program, which was to be one hour long and include: 1) school year memories, 2) patriotic tunes, 3) poetry, and 4) Father's Day songs. Sadie was extremely excited about having a couple of solos. As usual, she made us sit in the front row. I sat on the floor and manned the camera(s), and Emma spent time next to me and time on Sara's lap in a chair a few rows behind. Sadie continues to amaze me every day, and I did not make it through the song with dry eyes. She is one of my heroes, and I am proud to be her Daddy.

Sadie and Taylor doing the "motions"

The class spells out F-A-T-H-E-R


Anonymous said…
Way to go Sadie ! Congratulations on a great year! Nana AND I are proud, along with your DADDY and Momma, of all you have done. You are an excellent student and a really fun granddaughter!! We love you, Papa and Nana.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful, beautiful Sadie!


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