here comes summer time

Today was our second official no-school summer day. It was all about being at home and not needing to run about the town. When I tried to get everyone together to go to the farmer's market, only Emma wanted to go. Well, I must say that I had a rule of no rides so that pretty much made Sadie not want to go and Nathan was sleeping through his cold he managed to catch. So we did not go.
There will be more "supermarkets" (Emma's term) to go to the year round. Anyway, today we set out the tent which housed a karate tournament until the kicking got a bit out of hand. It was also the cave for two "bad" people and I was put in "jail", the rocking chair, to knit away my sentence.
Sadie started knitting a new scarf, pink of course and a nice soft cotton since the other acrylic that came with the kit is scratchy as all get out. We also had mango slushies, the newest and greatest treat we consume around here. It is so easy and you can make it out of any fruit. Our favorites at the moment are Orange/Mango and Orange/Strawberry.

(makes enough for three short drinks)

Ice (maybe ten cubes or so)
Half of one ripe mango, skin removed and chopped
Orange juice (one orange per person, juiced or about 1 1/2 cups juice)

Put it all in the blender in the above order. Blend until smooth.
( With my machine, it does take some stirring (long handled wooden spoon) to get all the ice blended but be careful not to blend your spoon!)

In the afternoon I baked up some zucchini muffins while the girls watched some shows. But Sadie did not approve of the muffins. My guess was because they did not contain....chocolate! But for dessert I added some buttercream frosting and then she was all over them. Frosting makes anything worth eating I guess.

Tonight we are spending the night in the tent. We are trying to get ready for camping with Nicole and Neela later in the summer. Hopefully the skunks stay away tonight.


Anonymous said…
Didn't recognize Emma, with her hair pulled back, but the prehensile toes gave her away.Papa

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