Welcome to June

June can be a bit gloomy here, just as everyone else is warming up and enjoying the sunshine, in rolls a thick marine layer or like today, rain. Well, let me rephrase rain to drizzle. Not the NYC type of drizzle which can actually add up to something after a full day, more like those misters at the theme parks to keep you cool. The ground is wet enough to need shoes but not so wet as to make your socks soggy.
As much as we don't like the gloomy weather, every thing growing loves the break from the sun, a holiday from dryness, and everywhere you see the color shine through the gray of the day.

Today I am capitalizing on cool weather and kids being under the weather with lots of cooking. A huge pot of beans to be frozen for burritos and the like as well as a big pot of chicken soup to help wash out the viruses in us all. It beats turning on the heater to push out the dampness.


Anonymous said…
mmm... chicken soup for the soul.

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