What have we been doing?

For the most part, not much. The virus that happily attached itself to Sadie and Emma has finally come to pass, which means that we have not been out at all in hopes of sparing others from its loveliness. Thank goodness for doctors who are willing to talk and or see us even on a Sunday.
This is Sadie's last full week of kindergarten! The year has gone so fast but it seems like forever ago that we were starting this newest school adventure. Monday is the official last day and her class is putting on their last program that day. Her friend from class invited everyone over for a BBQ yesterday afternoon. The girls ran and played and had a bunch of fun.
Looking ahead to summer there seems like already there is a million things to try to fit in and already the summer is feeling short! Yuck. Maybe we will have to take a vacation from all of that and pretend we are in some fabulous local where we go to the beach everyday and have ice cream every afternoon. Yes, that sounds nice and easy to pull off.


Anonymous said…
....paradise- not so hard to do i San Diego! Papa

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