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July Birthday



Self portrait by Sadie

We made these barrettes for the goodie bags at Sadie's party. Hot glue, cheap pink daisies and clipy barrettes. The Rolled Edge Jacket completed this past week. It turned out cute even with its stretchy drape and overly wide body. From my experience with Debbie Bliss patterns, it turned out as all the others I have worked from her patterns. Best of all, Emma seems to like it!

More summer

We grilled some burgers recently and afterward proceeded to roast marshmallows. We only had a couple big ones left so the girls used the mini ones as well.

Both girls have been taking ballet for the past three weeks. It all started with the grand plan of all three girls in one class, our two and Neela. But after the first class the teacher suggested that Sadie move up the older class because she has had ballet before. Then at the next class, Neela dropped out because she did not want to do the class and she said it was too long. So now Emma has been saying it is boring before class but she willingly goes into class each week and comes out smiling and happy with what she did that day. Sadie has been enjoying the older class, as it is just her and one other girl. The teacher is amazed at her willingness to work hard and get through all of the curriculum without complaining. Since it is just two girls, they spend a lot of time on each skill. This just in: Currently, at this very moment, Sa…
Tuesdays, a selection of museums are free at Balboa Park. So, I decided we needed a little bit more culture in our summer days. We went with Grammy and explored the Botanical House, the Lily reflecting pond and the Timkin. Sadie was mildly disappointed with the selection of sights to see, so I handed over the camera in the Botanical House and she went around looking for flowers asking for their portraits to be taken. Above is a bromiliad, of which there were quite a collection, just beginning to flower in the most unshowy of ways.

We liked this one because it looked like fireworks.

I loved the colors here and asked Sadie if I could take a few snaps.

After looking in the pond and visiting the flowers, we went into the Timkin art museum. Sadie is just beginning to find art amazing. I find this so fun. The gallery does not boast any thing fabulous and I have been there quite a lot but there are a few pieces that are quite beautiful. Sadie was most awed by a seven foot tall portrait of Ch…

Late Afternoon Walk-Summer

Late Afternoon Walk-Summer
Originally uploaded by iam1000hats We are a bit behind on the blogging again. I feel like I have forgotten the camera on so many outings lately. But this morning while I was trying to capture yet another everyday moment, I found the card to be full. Full of all this summery goodness. These are from a walk the girls and I took awhile ago before dinner. I handed Sadie the camera in hopes of something wonderful and to stop her complaining about how tired she was or that Emma was copying her and would not stop. She has a way of getting way too close and finding unrealized beauty and details, I would never have been innocent enough in my approach to see.

County Fair- Phase II

We took the tram to the fair entrance from the parking lot and Sadie and Emma got to ride in the front seat. They were happy campers!

Strolling through the patios looking for a bite to eat.
Sadie insists that Daddy come with her on the mini roller coaster that captured her heart last time around.

Sadie and I wait, while Emma and Daddy ride the merry-go-round. Thanks to Nathan who instructed me to take a picture of the two of us. He thought we looked cute.
Emma and Daddy go for a spin. In the background are the balloons that Emma did not like last time at the fair.

Emma hops down after her ride Sadie and Emma compete to see who can get Curious George to the top first with their water guns.

Emma really wanted to go on the bumper cars and so did Sadie. Sadie got to drive and was quite bummed when just as she was getting a hang of how to drive the ride came to an end.
Next Emma picked the Dumbo ride and had fun going slowly up and down, around and around. Afterward, we headed over to the bumper …

County Fair- Phase I

Us girls headed up to the fair on a late Wednesday morning to catch the sights, sounds and, well, smells of this year's county fair. I think that really it never changes, the fair. There are new prizes, new names for rides that seem to spin and make you just as sick as the year before, booths selling the same stuff (kitchen knives that slice tomatoes like butter, pans that never burn, miracle mops, no streak chamois) with new packaging, and all those 4H kids hoping their beast will win a prize. But the kids like the fair!
We came into the fair near the barns so we walked through a sheep and goat barn, then another which also housed some steers. And finally we made it to a children's barn with a petting/feeding pen and a mini grocery store, complete with mini carts where Sadie and Emma shopped for items with ingredients including chicken, cow, tomato and corn.

Next item on our agenda was to find some lunch and when I go to the fair I play the safe food card. I looked for the girl…

More party!

On Sunday we celebrated Grammy's graduation from FIDM with a little party at our house. Friends and family gathered to celebrate.