County Fair- Phase II

We took the tram to the fair entrance from the parking lot and Sadie and Emma got to ride in the front seat. They were happy campers!

Strolling through the patios looking for a bite to eat.

Sadie insists that Daddy come with her on the mini roller coaster that captured her heart last time around.

Sadie and I wait, while Emma and Daddy ride the merry-go-round. Thanks to Nathan who instructed me to take a picture of the two of us. He thought we looked cute.

Emma and Daddy go for a spin. In the background are the balloons that Emma did not like last time at the fair.

Emma hops down after her ride
Sadie and Emma compete to see who can get Curious George to the top first with their water guns.

Emma really wanted to go on the bumper cars and so did Sadie. Sadie got to drive and was quite bummed when just as she was getting a hang of how to drive the ride came to an end.

Next Emma picked the Dumbo ride and had fun going slowly up and down, around and around. Afterward, we headed over to the bumper boats, which I think had the worst system for determining when you were done. The boats each had a light on the back and when the light went out, so did you. Some kids stayed for long rides and some for short, carnival tactics at their best. More riders, more money, as this was a high ticket ride.

After all the rides, Sadie and Emma pick snow cones as their treat for the day.

Farewell to Kiddyland.

Daddy needed to see some barn stuff so that was our next stop. This friendly steer came over to say hi. He was quite handsome. Sadie and Emma loved his big wet nose.

Fastest pitcher in the West? He hit the batter a couple times so I think MLB might not be interested this year. This was our last stop, one Nathan insisted upon.


Anonymous said…
....see daddy and mama in the driver's rear view mirror??

Looks like a really fun time at the fair! Papa

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