More summer

We grilled some burgers recently and afterward proceeded to roast marshmallows. We only had a couple big ones left so the girls used the mini ones as well.

Both girls have been taking ballet for the past three weeks. It all started with the grand plan of all three girls in one class, our two and Neela. But after the first class the teacher suggested that Sadie move up the older class because she has had ballet before. Then at the next class, Neela dropped out because she did not want to do the class and she said it was too long. So now Emma has been saying it is boring before class but she willingly goes into class each week and comes out smiling and happy with what she did that day. Sadie has been enjoying the older class, as it is just her and one other girl. The teacher is amazed at her willingness to work hard and get through all of the curriculum without complaining. Since it is just two girls, they spend a lot of time on each skill.
This just in:
Currently, at this very moment, Sadie and Emma are playing cowgirls. And they even have cowgirl accents! Sadie keeps repeating, " By and by, we will get to the house. Com'on, bay-be."" This is why I love this kid. Accuracy is her middle name. Usually, when they are playing mother and baby, she uses an English accent.


Anonymous said…
Another first for Sadie- a cowgirl ballerina. Papa

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