Tuesdays, a selection of museums are free at Balboa Park. So, I decided we needed a little bit more culture in our summer days. We went with Grammy and explored the Botanical House, the Lily reflecting pond and the Timkin. Sadie was mildly disappointed with the selection of sights to see, so I handed over the camera in the Botanical House and she went around looking for flowers asking for their portraits to be taken. Above is a bromiliad, of which there were quite a collection, just beginning to flower in the most unshowy of ways.

We liked this one because it looked like fireworks.

I loved the colors here and asked Sadie if I could take a few snaps.

After looking in the pond and visiting the flowers, we went into the Timkin art museum. Sadie is just beginning to find art amazing. I find this so fun. The gallery does not boast any thing fabulous and I have been there quite a lot but there are a few pieces that are quite beautiful. Sadie was most awed by a seven foot tall portrait of Christ on the Cross. She had all sorts of questions about the event because in I know in her mind this was not just a painting someone did of a historical event. This was photograph and she was seeing it as it happened.

The girls tamed the dragon here with Grammy outside the Mingei. This is a Niki de Saint Phalle
sculpture installed in the park to be enjoyed in just this fashion.

Emma requested this after seeing another little one enjoying it's sweetness.


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